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.gay Domain
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.shop Domain
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.barcelona Domain
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.berlin Domain
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.in Domain
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.blue Domain
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.no Domain
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.cloud Domain
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.dog Domain
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.global Domain
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.bike Domain
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.earth Domain
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.kids Domain
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.world Domain
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.it Domain
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  • Specialized in managing a wide range of domain portfolios
  • Nearly every domain extension worldwide available for registration
  • Successful in the domain business since 2004
  • Numerous direct accreditations
  • Automation of the ordering processes
  • All functions are controllable via API


  • Nameservers at 40 different locations worldwide and Anycast DNS without extra charge
  • Registrant details are protected through Whois-Privacy
  • Two-factor authentication with Mobile TAN
  • SSL, DNSSEC and DANE available for many domains to increase security


  • Professional telephone support at regular rate
  • Targeted e-mail support via our ticket system
  • Comprehensive knowledge base available 24 hours a day
  • 5 star ratings

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Currently, the registration of .ml, .ga and .cf domains is not possible due to restrictions in the accessibility of the registry operator.

Register in May 2023 your desired domain with a discount of up to 97%!

On the holidays in May the INWX Team will get a rest as well.

Therefore, our support will not be available on Labor Day, May 01, 2023, Ascension Day, May 18, 2023, and Whit Monday, May 29, 2023.

Thank you for your understanding and happy holidays.

Register and manage your domains round the clock, 24 hours a day. With the registration in real time you get numerous domains already within a few seconds. Define the registrant, further contacts and also nameservers with all supported record types by yourself.

With three independent name servers we offer a high reliability. You can use our name servers (NS) also under your domain name as virtual nameservers. If you operate your own NS you can use our name servers as secondary DNS. If you are a developer you can use our API (XML-RPC/JSON-RPC) to manage your domains.

Our competent support team will assist you promptly with all requests. We are at your service, via e-mail, round-the-clock and can be contacted by phone during business hours. Answers to many questions are available in our knowledge base that is also reachable outside business hours.

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1)For new registrations plus 1.332 one-time fee.  2)Promo price valid for the first year and when payment is finished up to 2023-07-01 01:59 (Europe/Berlin).  3)Promo price valid for the first year and when payment is finished up to 2024-01-01 00:59 (Europe/Berlin).