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.MUSIC Domain
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Are you professionally involved in music? Are you passionate about this world and wish to express that passion with the rest of the planet? .MUSIC is the perfect domain for creating your website in either of these cases. This domain will be available starting October 8th, 2024, but before that, from September 11, 2023, it is possible to register .music domains during the Sunrise phase, aimed at brands that have their trademark registered in the Trademark Clearinghouse.

Whether you are a music producer, a record label, musician, singer, or enthusiast, using a .music domain will allow you to present yourself to the rest of the internet users as someone excited about music.

The .music domain is a restricted extension that imposes certain requirements to be able to register domains under this category. If you do not meet these requirements, unfortunately, you will not be able to complete the registration process and may lose the money invested in the attempt.

This type of domain (.music) is known as a "community TLD" or community domain, similar to previous examples like .cat domains, which were the first of this type to be launched. When applying for a .music domain, you will need to ensure that you meet at least one of the following criteria:

Identity Verification of the Holder: Once a .music domain is registered, the holder must verify their identity through the official website

Musical Profile and Nexus Verification: To complete the identification process, the holder must provide information about their musical profile, which will be used to establish a specific musical score and their connection ("nexus") with the .music domain.

Musical Score: The musical score establishes that members of the musical community can be recognized and identified based on their work, signed contracts, social connections, and profile. The .music Registry will establish a metric called "Musical Score" that will analyze and use these values to determine and measure the holder's connection and history with the musical community.

Holder's Nexus: The .music registry will attempt to quantify and determine a "nexus score" between the holder and the requested domain name. This "Holder's Nexus" is internal but will be used to determine the suitability and legitimacy of the holder for registering a specific domain. During the community launch phase, this score will be a key factor in assigning a domain to one holder over another, regardless of whether a domain is applied for by one or multiple people. Once the extension is available to the general public, the "Holder's Nexus" will be used to detect and prevent fraudulent or inappropriate registrations.

It is important to mention that during the verification process, .music domains will be kept in a "serverHold" state, meaning they will be locked and will not respond to any incoming requests; that is, they will be deactivated until the verification has been completed.

From the moment a .music domain is requested, the holder has 90 days to complete both Identity Verification of the Holder and Musical Profile + Nexus Verification processes. If this verification is not successfully completed or is denied by the registry, the holder will officially be marked as "ineligible," and the registry may choose, at its discretion, to delete the requested domains without the possibility of a refund.

People and Entities Eligible to Register .music Domains:

The registration of .music domains is reserved for those who belong to the musical community or have a relevant connection to it. Here are the different categories of people and entities that are eligible to apply for a .music domain name:

Intellectual Property Related to Music:
People and entities that own trademarks related to music.

Members of the Musical Community:
This includes organizations like MCMOs (Music Community Member Organizations), musicians, bands, industry professionals, and other entities related to music.

Musicians, Artists/Bands, and Creators:
Individuals or groups that can demonstrate a history of activity in the music field, such as artists, bands, composers, or producers.

Companies, Corporations, and Organizations Based in Music:
Entities with an established presence in the musical community, like record labels, publishers, trade associations, collective management organizations, digital distributors, service providers, vendors, and educational entities related to music.

Consultants, Agents, Managers, or Professionals Representing the Above Categories:
Those who work on behalf of any of the above categories and can substantiate their relationship through documents or contracts.

Additionally, there is a special classification for those who do not meet the above requirements but can still demonstrate a general connection to the musical community when applying for the .music domain. These are:

Companies, Firms, and Organizations not Related to Music:
Companies with a strong commercial track record outside of the music industry, but wish to use music as part of their future commercial, marketing, or promotional activities.

Aspiring Musicians, Artists/Bands, and Creators:
Individuals or groups with a demonstrable intention to engage in music-related activities, such as working as artists, bands, composers, or producers.

Finally, during the Sunrise phase, the registration of .music domains is also open to trademark holders who have a valid SMD or trademark data file issued by the Trademark Clearinghouse and wish to protect their brand on this domain.

Domain characteristics

General Information for the domain extension .music

Meaning of Extension .music is one of the generic domain extensions (gTLD).
Minimum and maximum length 3 - 63 characters
Time of registration In real-time
Time of transfer 5 days
Registrar Transfer Yes, with Auth-Code
Trade No
Premium Domains No
Whois Privacy No
DNSSEC Supported Yes (DS)
Renewal Period 1Y, 2Y, 3Y, 4Y, 5Y, 6Y, 7Y, 8Y, 9Y, 10Y
Registration Period 1Y, 2Y, 3Y, 4Y, 5Y, 6Y, 7Y, 8Y, 9Y, 10Y
Cancellation Period 1 Day(s)
Term transfer on Transfer Yes
No local contact needed
Data protection Data has to be send in a jurisdiction without an adequate level of data protection as outlined by the EU. Fundamental rights like the right to be forgotten or erasure are not guaranteed. WHOIS is mostly exposed. If you want to go safe, use our WHOIS Privacy Service or Trustee, if available. See GDPR chapter 5 and GDPR Article 49 for more information.
Transfer lock has to be removed before a transfer can be started
Manual renewal possible
Number of nameservers allowed 0 - 13
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