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.GR Domain (Greece)

30.05 USD / 2 years
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GR domains are the official domain extension of Greece and are currently managed by National Telecommunications and Post Commission of Greece.

.GR domains are a popular choice in the country as well as by foreign registrants, thanks to the fact that there are no restrictions on their use.

Launched on July 4, 2005, they have become the domain of choice for Greeks. Until then it was only possible to register domains under,, and

Domain characteristics

General Information for the domain extension .gr - Greece

Meaning of Extension .gr is the official country domain (ccTLD) from Greece.
Minimum and maximum length 3 - 63 characters
Time of registration In real-time
Registrar Transfer Yes, with Auth-Code
Trade Yes
Premium Domains No
Whois Privacy No
DNSSEC Supported Yes (DS)
Renewal Period 2Y, 4Y, 6Y, 8Y, 10Y
Registration Period 2Y
Cancellation Period 7 Day(s)
Supported IDN characters α, β, γ, δ, ε, ζ, η, θ, ι, κ, λ, μ, ν, ξ, ο, π, ρ, ς, σ, τ, υ, φ, χ, ψ, ω, ϊ, ϋ, ἀ, ἁ, ἂ, ἃ, ἄ, ἅ, ἆ, ἇ, ἐ, ἑ, ἒ, ἓ, ἔ, ἕ, ἠ, ἡ, ἢ, ἣ, ἤ, ἥ, ἦ, ἧ, ἰ, ἱ, ἲ, ἳ, ἴ, ἵ, ἶ, ἷ, ὀ, ὁ, ὂ, ὃ, ὄ, ὅ, ὐ, ὑ, ὒ, ὓ, ὔ, ὕ, ὖ, ὗ, ὠ, ὡ, ὢ, ὣ, ὤ, ὥ, ὦ, ὧ, ὰ, ά, ὲ, έ, ὴ, ή, ὶ, ί, ὸ, ό, ὺ, ύ, ὼ, ώ, ᾀ, ᾁ, ᾂ, ᾃ, ᾄ, ᾅ, ᾆ, ᾇ, ᾐ, ᾑ, ᾒ, ᾓ, ᾔ, ᾕ, ᾖ, ᾗ, ᾠ, ᾡ, ᾢ, ᾣ, ᾤ, ᾥ, ᾦ, ᾧ, ᾰ, ᾱ, ᾲ, ᾳ, ᾴ, ᾶ, ᾷ, ῂ, ῃ, ῄ, ῆ, ῇ, ῐ, ῑ, ῒ, ΐ, ῖ, ῗ, ῠ, ῡ, ῢ, ΰ, ῤ, ῥ, ῦ, ῧ, ῲ, ῳ, ῴ, ῶ, ῷ
Renewal On Transfer No
No local contact needed
Privacy Level Caution advised: The personal data will be transferred to an EU jurisdiction or a jurisdiction that provides an adequate level of data protection according to the EU, however in most cases the WHOIS is exposed. In some cases, we do not know what will happen and how the registry in that country will treat the data of your customer, so in doubt consult a lawyer if you register domains for your customers. See GDPR chapter 5 and GDPR Article 49 for more information.
Registry Connection Directly
Manual renewal possible
The domain terms for .gr domains can be found at:


Domains will start working directly after initiating the registration request, but will remain in status REG INITIATED for 1 week until approved by the registry.