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Price Adjustment .CLOUD

Thursday, February 11, 2021

The registy for .CLOUD adjust, on the 04/01/2021, the prices.

Therefore on 04/01/20021 all registrations will be made at the new price of 23.21* (net: 19.50) EUR in the first year instead of 9.95* (net: 8.36) EUR.

Until 31.03.2021 you still have the possibility to register your .CLOUD domains via the domain list at the old price of 9,95* (net: 8,36) EUR.

* Price incl. 19 % german VAT Different tax rates may apply for your country. The prices applicable to you will be displayed in the customer area.


11/16/20 PROMOS in November 2020 at INWX

Register in November 2019 your desired domain with a discount of up to 88%!

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9/9/20 September Promotion: Make your .GG domain a Good Game

Very few people know that .GG has been the country-specific top-level domain of the small but historic Channel Island Guernsey for almost 25 years. Despite its geographical affiliation, .GG domains are available to everyone in the world. In recent years this domain extension has become more and more popular as a result of large companies and organizations using .GG domains.

Anyone who is familiar with sports and video gaming knows that "GG" means "good game". It is used as a sign of sportsmanship and to express that you had fun competing against your opponents and that it was a fair match. Since the end of the 90s, it has been common practice and part of the etiquette of many video gamers to say GG after every game or to post it in the chat. Comparable to a handshake or a hug at the end of a live sports event.