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Disruption in the registration of .cf domains

Tuesday, November 14, 2023

It is currently not possible to register and manage .cf domains, as the previous registry operator is no longer providing its services and the .cf TLD will be managed by a new registry operator in the future. Unfortunately, we have no further information on this at the moment.

If you nevertheless initiate the registration of .cf domains, we will contact you if necessary and inform you whether registration is possible in the specific case.

11/13/23 Price adjustment

Due to increased costs in purchasing and our already very low prices, we unfortunately have to adjust the fees for some domain extensions.


11/1/23 PROMOS in November 2023 at INWX

Register in November 2023 your desired domain with a discount of up to 97%!

9/30/23 No customer support on 03.10.2023

Due to the Day of German unity holiday, our customer support will not be available on 03.10.2023.

However, in our online help you will find a lot of information and many answers to your questions even on this day.