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Today is the .day

Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Yes, the time has come, today Google Registry launches the .day at 17.00h (CET). A secure domain to attract attention to any day.

There are already several projects, organizations and companies that have their .day domain up and running, these are the ambassadors of the extension, who support it even before its launch.

Celebrate important moments and amplify the causes you care about with a .day domain.

Who is in .day?

Organizations like the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) with, Save the Children with, the NAACP with already have their .day domains live. Also companies like Nutella ( already have their respective websites online and receiving visitors.

Is anyone else betting on .day?

Of course! There are already several communities around .day domains, such as Niantic (creator of the successful smartphone games Ingress or Pokémon Go!) with, or the National Federation of the Blind, who have launched

Like all other domains launched by Google, .day domains are included in the HSTS list, this means that it is essential to use an SSL certificate and HTTPS connections for the pages to work, adding extra security to all .day domains.

Hurry up! Take advantage of this unique opportunity and register short and memorable .day domains, as there are still many available at the moment.

Register your .day domain with INWX!

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