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2.17. News

The news object provides methods to list news feeds.

2.17.1. news.list

Get the latest news Input

Table 2.209. Parameters

idGet news with a specified ID int false 
yearGet only news from the specified year int false 
languageGet only news in the specified language language false 
kdnrGet only news for a specific customer and filter out all other INWX subsidiaries int false 
pagePage number for paging int false1
pagelimitMax number of results per page int false20 Output

Table 2.210. Parameters

countTotal number of news int  
yearsList of years that have at least one news item array_int  
... idId of the news item int  
... dateDate of the news dateTime  
... titleTitle of the news token255  
... textShortShort text of the news text  
... textLongLong text of the news text  
providCurrent customers providerID (INWX subsidiary ID) int  
providerIdsWhen searching by a specific news ID, this array defines for which providerIDs the news exists array_int